Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Before You Remove A Stump – Could You Repurpose It?

by Chiara Brun

When you have a large tree stump left in your yard, you have two options – figure out a way to make it work with the rest of your landscape design or have it removed. Before you go and have that stump removed, consider a few things that you could do with it.

Bird Bath

Giving the birds that used to live in the tree somewhere to splash around and cool off is one idea. Take a trip to a salvage yard, yard sales or flea markets to find the bath part of an old bird bath. Use a chisel to chisel out the top of the stump to create a hole to set the bird bath in.

To attract more birds to your stump, you can install a bird feeder directly over the bath or hanging humming bird feeders on the side of the stump.

Flower Planter

Embrace the stump by using your chisel and hammer to create multiple flower pots. You can chisel out the top for one big pot, as well as several smaller holes on the sides to plant vines. If you aren't up to chiseling all of those holes, you can simply hang pots on the sides and rest them on the top of the stump to create a stunning flower pot garden.

Make a Table

Use the stump as the base for a table. This is a fairly easy project for just about anyone. All you need to do is cut the top of the stump to get it as level as possible. If you don't have the tools to level the top of the stump, you can use wood shims underneath the tabletop to level it up.

The table top that you choose can come from just about anywhere. You can find old outdoor tables and remove the tabletop from the base and attach it to the stump or you can get creative and go to your local salvage yard and look for anything that can be used as a table top.

Make a Play Space

If you have a little girl that loves fairies or a boy who loves his toy soldiers, the stump can be transformed into a play space for their figures. Hollow out the front of the stump to create a cove in which you can carve several landings inside. Get creative and let your kids help you transform the stump into a play space that they will spend hours playing with.

If none of these options seem feasible for you, talk with your local stump removal specialist, like Buskirk Tree Service, for help eliminating the stump from your property.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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