Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Tree Stump Removal Options For A Tight Budget

by Chiara Brun

After a tree is cut down, it can be tempting to just leave the old stump in the yard so you can save money on the removal. You might even be able to fill it with flowers or set a lawn ornament on top to create a decorative piece. Yet old stumps can cause many problems, from the harboring of diseases that may affect other landscape plants, to sending up sucker shoots from the roots if the stump isn't completely dead. The following list of removal methods should help you determine a way to get rid of the stump on a realistic budget.

Option #1: Grinding

This is by far the easiest and quickest method, since it makes short work of even large stumps in a short period of time. This method is usually performed by a tree or stump removal service, although you may be able to rent a stump grinder to do it yourself. The grinder is positioned on top of the stump and then turned on and moved in a circle the circumference of the stump. It grinds the stump to sawdust and chips, all the way to the roots. The chips must be removed afterward so the hole can be refilled with soil.

Option #2: Chemical Removal

This is a common DIY method since all you need to invest is the chemical stump killer, but it is also the most time consuming option. Holes are drilled deeply into the top of the stump and then the chemical killer is poured into them. This is toxic stuff, so make sure the stump is off limits to children and pets. The chemicals will speed up the rotting process of the stump, so within a few weeks it is softened to the point where you can easily break it up with an ax and remove it from the ground.

Option #3: Burn it Out

Burning is relatively quick and it is free if you already have wood on hand to start a fire. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. Only opt for this method if the stump is well away from structures and flammable materials – in other words, don't do this in the middle of a garden bed mulched with wood chips. The method requires building a hot fire around the stump and keeping it burning until the stump is well alight. Once the stump burns down to the roots, put out the fire and shovel out the ashes. Finally, fill the hole with soil. You must monitor the fire at all times while it is burning. Also, make sure it is out completely. Underground roots left smoldering could reignite the fire later.

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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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