Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

3 Reasons To Consider Tree Removal For A Tree On Your Property

by Chiara Brun

Not all trees pose a threat to property owners; however, some trees do and they can often times be difficult to detect. This is why many property owners experience problems in the future when the tree becomes so badly damaged that it eventually falls and causes damage or starts to wrap itself around the plumbing or electrical lines attached to your home, causing even more damage. Here are three reasons to consider tree removal for a specific tree on your property:


If you have an older tree on your property, it's important to call professionals for inspection every six months. During this process, the professionals will check for signs of decay or poor structure that makes the older tree unstable and more likely to fall. The reason you want to have inspections more often is that the older tree may not pose a threat now, but it can very soon and very quickly. You also want to hire professionals for inspection if you have a young aspen tree on your property. This type of tree is susceptible to decay at a young age, so this should be checked more often until the tree has grown to full size. 


The size of a tree also determines whether or not it should be removed. A tall tree, for example, may need to be removed because of the high risk of being a victim of a lightning strike. A tree struck by lightning can start a large fire, which is especially concerning if it's close to the structure of your home or building. Have professionals come out for inspection to receive a professional opinion on the size of the tree. You may also want to consider removing a tree that is large in circumference if it is also unstable since this can cause a huge amount of damage to your property should the tree collapse.


Finally, you should consider removing trees that are close enough to your home that, should they fall, they will cause significant damage. This is also true if you have a tree that is close to a neighbor's property and will cause significant damage to it if the tree collapses, which leads to the high risk of you being sued. A tree located close to the road is also dangerous if unstable because it can collapse on a car or pedestrian who should happen to be walking by. 

If you have any trees that you are concerned about on your property, it's best to call the professionals like Gene's Tree Service for their opinion and have them remove the tree safely for you. 


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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