Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Trying To Create An Attractive And Long-Lasting Garden? Remove The Invasive Trees

by Chiara Brun

Owning a home gives you an entire landscape to work with for creating an attractive space. However, when you move into a home, you have to deal with the trees, shrubs, and other features that are already there. It is possible to move into a place with plenty of potential, but it could have problems such as invasive trees. Before creating plans to improve the landscape, you should remove these trees.

Find Out Which Trees Are Invasive

It is not that easy to determine which trees are invasive and which ones are not, especially when you have over 300 possibilities. The easiest way to determine which trees are invasive is to point out the ones that you know are not native and then go through a process of elimination. It is sometimes easier to use the characteristics of a tree to find out what it is, and then see if it is on the invasive list. If this is too hard or time-consuming, you can always get professional help to get reliable answers.

Get Rid of the Tree Stumps

Once you have found out which trees are invasive and need to go, you should have them removed. Although it is cheaper to keep the stumps, you should remove them as they are more problematic than beneficial. Tree stumps will consume yard space that you could use for growing, but they also have other problems in that they are a safety hazard and can attract harmful insects to the property.

Replace with Native Plants

After you get rid of a tree stump, you can begin working on incorporating the space into the landscape. If a top priority of yours is to enjoy a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain landscape, you should focus on growing native plants as they are likely to survive without much care and possibly even on their own. The fastest way to learn about your options for native plants is to look up your plant hardiness zone. To enjoy the easiest growth, you should pinpoint whether you fall into the A or B category of a given zone. With this information, you can find your exact temperatures and find plants that perfectly fit the bill.

Removing invasive trees on your property is one of the first steps in creating a landscape that you can enjoy for years to come. Educating yourself on what to do after removing these trees will help you transform your landscape into something that you can easily maintain. Contact a business, such as Souliere & Son Tree SpeclSts, for more information. 


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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