Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

The Four Keys To Good Ginkgo Tree Care

by Chiara Brun

Ginkgo trees are unique from any other tree. They have stunning, fan-shaped leaves, and they belong to a different family than other deciduous trees. Many think that they're a  more primitive form of tree than the oaks, maples, elms, and other common trees you see in yards or parks. If you want to plant and care for a ginkgo, you'll be adding something truly unique to your yard. However, your ginkgo requires a little special attention, which you can provide by following these tips.

Plant it in the sunshine.

Some trees can tolerate partial shade, but the ginkgo is not one of them. It really needs full sunlight to thrive, so make sure you plant it in an open space where it won't be shaded by other trees or by structures like fences. 

Stake the tree.

Ginkgos tend to have a growth spurt in their trunks when young. During this period, the tree becomes overly weak and prone to blowing over or cracking its trunk. If you want the tree to stay healthy and grow straight, you will need to stake it. You can tie it to a stake when you first plant it, being careful to check and adjust the stake regularly. You should be able to remove the stake when the tree has been in the ground for two or three years.

Water it regularly.

Eventually, your ginkgo will have deep roots, making it capable of obtaining water even when rain has been scarce. However, when it is young and its roots are still shallow, you will need to water it regularly. Every couple of days, test the soil by grabbing a handful to see if it sticks together. If the soil is too dry to form a solid clump in your hand, then the tree needs to be watered.

Have the tree trimmed.

Ginkgos won't require regular trimming once established, but you will want to have the tree professionally trimmed a few times when it is four - 10 years old. At this stage, the tree is still developing its shape, and trimming can help ensure it grows straight with a branching canopy. Without trimming, ginkgo trees can have a less-appealing, sprawling look, which is tough to correct when the tree is older.

With the tips above, you can successfully grow a gorgeous ginkgo. To learn more, talk to your local tree care company or the company from which you buy your young ginkgo tree. Contact a company like The Tree Lady Company for more information.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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