Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Improve Energy Efficiency On Your Property With Tree Removal

by Chiara Brun

As a homeowner, you may like to think about potential improvements or savings opportunities, especially when you are interested in living in your home for a long time. If you want to improve energy efficiency, you may find that removing a tree or two from your yard is an essential step.

Solar Panel System

When you live in an area that gets a lot of sun, you may know that installing a solar panel system on your property could yield a great deal of savings over time. But, the best place to install this kind of system may be obstructed by a mature tree. Instead of making plans to move the system to another location, you will benefit from removing the tree to get optimal solar energy gain.

Some ways that a tree may obstruct this installation is through the branches or roots. A company may not want to install a solar panel system when they know that a nearby tree's roots will grow towards the panels and put them at risk of damage.


One of the other issues that a tree may be causing is providing too much shade where your solar panels will be located. This can get in the way of how much energy your solar panels are able to produce, so it makes sense to remove these problematic trees. While trimming a tree may eliminate the problem temporarily, you may be more interested in a permanent solution.

If you want to get tree removal before putting any solar panels up, you should work with solar professionals to determine which trees will be problematic once they are installed.

Another way that shade can harm your energy efficiency is when a tree covers your home. Since heating costs more than air conditioning in most situations, you are better off paying for an air conditioner to run during the summer instead of a heater to operate throughout winter. This mainly applies when your tree keeps its leaves in winter as the shade will make your home cooler.


When you own a home with a pool, you may want to utilize the sunlight to warm up the pool throughout spring and summer when you use it regularly. This is something that you will have trouble with doing when a tree or two casts shade over the pool with its trunk and leaves.

Getting tree removal is an excellent way to increase energy efficiency on your property. For more information about tree removal, contact a company like Robert Jefferies Logging & Tree Service.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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