Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

3 Big Reasons Why You Need To Call A Tree Care Company Today

by Chiara Brun

Are you wondering why your trees are looking less than ideal? Do you want your trees to be as lush and as beautiful looking as those of your neighbors? Sometimes, even though you and a neighbor have the same type of trees in your yard, you can see dramatic differences in their growth. The average person is not going to be able to diagnose the issue as easily as a professional which is why you should always hire a professional for this type of situation. Some of the things that a professional can do include:

Soil quality check: You and your neighbor may be relatively close in proximity but the soil quality can still vary drastically. A previous owner for either property may have added various soil amendments that made the soil better or worse for the tree in question. For instance, some trees need extremely high levels of nitrogen in order to grow properly. If the previous owner of your property simply purchased the first fertilizer that he or she saw on the shelf instead of consulting with a tree care company, this could easily result in the difference that you now see.

Moisture levels: Trees can have too much water in addition to not enough water. While overwatering is rarer for trees than it is for smaller plants, it is still something that can happen If you are at the bottom of even a shallow hill, your tree may be getting overwhelmed by water whenever it rains. Unfortunately, many people mistake watering issues for a tree always needing more water, potentially compounding the issue even further. If the tree care company professionals tell you that you need to water your tree sparingly, do not add more water because more is "better" somehow. Too much of a good thing can be just as bad as not enough.

Pruning: Some trees should be pruned during the spring, some should be pruned in the fall, and others can be pruned just about any time. Regular pruning helps to removed diseased areas, helps to prevent storm damage, and simply makes the tree look better overall. While you don't necessarily have to have your trees pruned on a yearly basis, you should probably be considering having them trimmed back at least every other year or every three years at most. Regular pruning will also help identify if and when your tree has a pest problem so that you can take steps to eliminate the pests before they are able to cause extensive damage to the tree.

These points can hopefully give you an idea of why it can be beneficial to hire a tree care company near you.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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