Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Options And Monitoring The Problems

by Chiara Brun

There are many destructive invasive species. One of them is the emerald ash borer, which has infested different regions. If your community has been affected and you have ash trees on your property, you might need to help with emerald ash borer treatment. The following treatment options will get you started and help you with the monitoring of infestations after they have been treated:

Bait-Like Emerald Ash Borer Treamtents

The first option to consider to treat an emerald ash borer infestation is using toxic poisons. These are bait-like solutions that can be applied to the infected areas to try to kill any beetles that lay larvae. This approach is not effective at killing the larvae and is usually used with other techniques for a more effective and complete treatment plan. Toxic treatments can be the most effective solution for severe infestations to get the problem under control quickly.

Trunk Injections to Treat Emerald Ash Borers

Another approach to try to deal with an emerald ash borer infestation is to inject the trunk. These are special injections that are designed to kill the larvae and prevent the insects from further infecting the tree. This is an effective solution to exterminate larvae and prevent more beetles from hatching and causing damage to stands of ash trees. This is one of the most effective and efficient solutions to stop the spread of an emerald ash borer infestation.

Routine Spraying to Treat Emerald Ash Borers

Routine pest control spraying can also help deal with emerald ash borers. When you have a specialist come to treat the trees, they will use special insecticides that are formulated to treat this invasive beetle species. You can ask the same service to come back to spray regularly, or you can have your pest control service do it. If a different pest control service does the regular spraying, make sure to specify that you want treatments for an emerald ash borer infestation.

Successful Monitoring of Emerald Ash Borer Infestations

Even though an infestation seems to be controlled and eliminated, it can still return. Therefore, it is important to monitor the treatments and ensure the infestations have been eradicated, especially with the emerald ash borer. Look for signs of larvae hatching and new damage to trees. As soon as you see a problem, you want to call for help with further treatment to eliminate the problem.

The emerald ash borer is one of the most destructive invasive insects. Contact an emerald ash borer treatment contractor to get the help you need dealing with these problems.


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