Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Tree Trimming: When Should You Get It Done?

by Chiara Brun

There are times of the year where tree trimming should be done, and summer is often not one of those times. Don't wait until it's the hottest time of the year to trim your trees if you can help it, and don't wait until you have broken branches and unhealthy trees before you do your tree trimming as well.

If you need your trees trimmed and it's an emergency, then now is the time to have the work done. Otherwise, these are the best times to have tree trimming done on your property.

Before or after your trees have bloomed for the season

When trees are in bloom, this is when they are producing blossoms to help the tree grow or are producing the blooms that will lead to fruit or nuts. You don't want to disrupt this process if you can help it, so make sure to have tree trimming done either in the earliest part of the year before blooms have started showing on branches or at the end of the year when trees are losing their leaves for the season.

An exception to this rule applies to evergreen trees, which can be trimmed at any time of year to keep the trees in better shape and to keep them out of power lines and other objects. If you have concerns about your trees, let your tree service specialist know.

When they are starting to show bare spots or signs of disease

A dying tree can be salvaged if tree trimming is done before it's too late. Your trees will need to be inspected for signs of an insect or pest infestation to see what is causing trouble. If excess sap is found in the trunk, branches are dead or dying, parts of the tree are missing or less full than others, or the tree is sagging or has limp branches, then it's wise to have tree trimming done to see if the tree can be saved or to keep branches from falling off and damaging your property or worse.

Never attempt to do tree trimming on your own, as this can cause your trees to become damaged and can make things worse. Your tree specialist will help you determine the best way to have tree trimming done if it's necessary, and you can enjoy your trees even longer as a result. Contact a company that offers tree trimming services to learn more.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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