Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Have An Oak Tree That Is Not Doing Well? When To Know It Is Time To Remove It

by Chiara Brun

If you have an oak tree that is not doing well, it may be time to remove it. Below is information on signs of damage that will tell you it is time to do this. There is also information on how a tree removal service removes trees from properties. 

Signs of Damage

Inspect the trunk on the oak tree for damage. If you see a lot of cracks and large wounds or dead branch stubs, that is a sign the tree has internal damage and decay. If this is the case, it would be best to have the tree removed, especially if you see damage covering a large part of the trunk. 

If the tree is hollow, this is also a sign it should be removed. The tree removal company has devices they can use to determine this. You can also use an axe to tap the tree to see if it sounds hollow. If you find the tree is hollow, there is a risk the tree could fall. 

If there are a lot of dead branches on your oak tree, they can fall and cause injury to people and your property. If you only have a few dead branches, they can be removed, but if a large part of the tree has these branches, the tree should be removed. If you see most of the dead branches on one side of your oak tree, this is a sign the trunk is damaged or there is root damage. Look for fungus that may be growing at the base of your tree. If you see this, your oak tree may have internal rot.  

Tree Removal Service

It can be dangerous to remove a tree on your own, so hire a tree removal service to do this job for you. They can first determine if the tree should be removed before they do so. The service will start by removing as much of the tree as they can. This means removing branches and cutting down the trunk a small amount at a time. If the tree is large, they will use a truck with a bucket to get to the top.  

When most of the tree is removed, you are left with a stump. Have the stump removed by the tree removal service. They do this by using an axe to cut as much of the trunk away as they can. They use a grinding machine to grind the trunk down and then use an axe to cut as much of the roots as they can. This is an important part of the process because if a small amount of tree roots live, they can start to regrow in the same spot, or the roots may spread, and you will see a tree pop up in another area of your yard. 

The tree removal service can give you much more information on how they remove trees.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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