Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

5 Stump Removal Challenges And Solutions

by Chiara Brun

Professional services often use large stump grinders, typically those attached to skid steers or larger ride-upon models. Unfortunately, these grinders may be too large for some of the more challenging removal jobs on a small residential lot. The good news is that there are other options for grinding out and removing stumps, options that don't necessarily require large equipment. 

1. Narrow Access Ports

Sometimes tree stumps are hard to access. For example, a stump in a back or side yard that is only accessible by a small gate can't be removed by a grinder attached to a skid steer, as the heavy equipment won't be able to access the small space. Your grinding service may have to use a smaller hand-operated grinder, which takes more time and may involve some manual removal compared to larger grinder options.

2. Foundation Huggers

A good reason to remove a tree is that it is growing right against your foundation. Unfortunately, that can also make it hard to grind out the stump without causing damage to your home. For small trees, your removal service may simply dig out the stump by hand. Larger stumps are more challenging. One option is to just grind down the stump to the soil surface, which is hopefully sufficient to kill the roots. Another option is to use a stump auger to bore a hole down the center of the stump to kill any remaining living roots without the need to fully pull the stump.

3. Dense Growth

Tree stumps that are part of a dense area, such as those in a cluster of trees or a stump in the midst of a shrub planting, can be hard to remove without damaging the other nearby woody plants. If the stump is well hidden in the growth, then your service may recommend leaving it in place. Otherwise, a stump auger may be used to kill the stump, then a hand-operated grinder may be used to grind down the stump low enough so that it doesn't show among the other plants. 

4. Surrounding Paving

It's not uncommon for trees to be planted inside of hardscaping, such as trees planted in wells along a paved sidewalk or a yard tree surrounded by concrete curbing. Removal of a stump without damaging the paving can be very challenging, especially for the larger professional stump grinding equipment. Once again, a stump auger or a hand grinder may be the best option for removing the stump with minimal damage. Otherwise, hand digging it will be necessary.

Contact a stump grinding and removal service to learn more about the options that are available for your stump. 

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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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