Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

How To Remove A Very Large Tree In Your Yard Without It Damaging Your Property

by Chiara Brun

A tree is a wonderful thing to have. It can add to the value of your property and provide shade, beauty, clean air, and a lot of other good things. But when that tree causes damage to your property or becomes a hazard, it's time for tree removal. There are many different ways to remove a tree, and the following information will help you prevent damage during the process.

Plan for Tree Cuttings and Waste

Before you begin cutting down the tree, make sure there's somewhere to put all the branches, leaves, and other waste that comes with the process. It may seem like it's easier to just leave these things lying around on the ground, but remember that they will eventually decompose and increase your yard's level of humidity. If possible, rent a dumpster. The waste can also be chipped and used for mulch or other landscaping needs. 

Make Sure There Is Space to Work 

Removing a tree can be tricky. You have to make sure your landscaping is safe, and you have to make sure that the tree doesn't damage any other structures on your property.

To remove a large tree, you need to clear the area around it of all hazards. This includes keeping people and pets out of the way, so they don't get hurt. Make sure there is space for equipment and workers to maneuver around the tree as well.

Mark Utilities to Avoid Damage

It's also important to check for utility lines before starting work. There are options like having utility surveys done if you are not sure where utilities are. If you know where your utilities and the sewer lines or septic system are located, then avoid felling the trees in these areas to avoid costly damage. 

Plan the Felling of Trees

When you plan the felling, you will have to choose a location where the tree will fall and not cause any damage to your property or other trees in the area. You also need to decide how much space you want between the trunk of your tree and any structures around it. Discuss these issues with the tree removal service when they come out to assess your property. 

When you have a tree removed, take these steps to prevent property damage during the process. Contact a tree removal service to discuss removing the hazardous trees on your property before they cause costly damage.  


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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