Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Don't Sacrifice Privacy At Home After Having Your Trees Trimmed

by Chiara Brun

When you intend on scheduling tree trimming, you need to consider the impact it may have on privacy. A tree canopy may be all that makes the difference between pedestrians and vehicles seeing into your home from the street. 

Suppose you're eager to maintain privacy at home. In that case, you'll need to be patient and see how to prepare for tree trimming without disappointment over the results.

Discuss the Shape You Want 

The first thing to discuss with a tree trimming business is how your trees will look after the project is done. Whether you want essential pruning done to encourage growth or you're curious about changing the appearance of your trees, you'll need to ensure you're on the same page over style.

Crown reduction, raising, and thinning can all significantly affect the appearance of your trees and the shade they provide. Discuss with the contractor the extent of shade you still want to avoid being surprised by the shade your trees provide later.

Avoid Overgrooming the Trees

Trimming down your trees significantly may seem necessary when you haven't kept up with maintenance and your trees have a lot of dead branches. Instead of going this route, consider the difference that being cautious will make in the way your trees look.

A risk that overgrooming your trees come with is damaging their health due to too much being removed and their future growth may be negatively affected. Discuss with the contractor how much to remove and keep the percentage of existing branches conservative to avoid damaging your trees.

Consider the Project Duration

One concern that's common with homeowners is how long to wait for a home improvement to be complete. If you're interested in having trees removed due to wanting more natural light indoors or to improve curb appeal, you'll want results soon. However, a tree trimming business coming to your home can mean lots of equipment and workers in the front of your home.

Discuss how long the project should take to ensure that you're not surprised by the estimated project completion.

Having trees removed at home can be an excellent option for changing the front appearance of your home and how satisfied you are with natural light and the view of your house. Since overgrooming your trees has significant drawbacks, you'll want to check how to maintain privacy at home while still having the trimming you want to be done scheduled. 

Reach out to a tree trimming company near you for more information.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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