Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Want Healthy And Happy Landscaping Trees? They Need Yearly Pruning

by Chiara Brun

All residential landscaping trees need regular pruning to keep them healthy and attractive. However, many homeowners are apprehensive about pruning their trees and opt to skip this task altogether. They pay for this choice during storms when their trees suffer excessive, unnecessary damage.

Every fall, you should have all the trees in your yard pruned. If you have small trees and can do this task yourself, then it is an excellent DIY project. However, if the trees in your yard are large or you are not familiar with correctly pruning trees, then you should enlist the help of a professional tree trimming service.

If you aren't convinced that the trees in your yard truly need yearly pruning, here's some more information about this practice and why it is so important:

Pruning Eliminates Small Problems Before They Grow into Big Problems

When pruning any tree, you aim to remove all the dead, diseased, or damaged branches to help the tree focus on growing healthy branches, fruiting, or flowering. Removing diseased branches prevents the spread of tree disease throughout the tree and potentially to other trees in your yard.

Removing dead or damaged branches prevents them from being blown down during a storm. Removing branches in a controlled manner and on your schedule is always better than having them fly off during a storm.

Pruning Shapes and Keeps Trees Healthy

Even when a tree does not have any dead or damaged branches, it still needs to have yearly pruning to remove:

  • branches rubbing against one another
  • branches with narrow angles
  • branches crowding out other branches
  • branches that grew misshapen or are otherwise defective

Another reason regular pruning is vital for trees is to control their shape. Mother Nature doesn't always grow evenly balanced trees from side to side or top-to-bottom. When it comes to the trees growing in your yard, you need to assist Mother Nature by pruning off excess growth and shaping the tree. If you regularly shape trees when they are young, they will continue to look great for years. 

Pruning Promotes Flowering and Fruiting

Finally, it is essential to note that if you have flowering or fruit trees in your yard, they also require yearly trimming. Fruiting and flowering trees left to their own devices will not produce as much fruit or as many flowers as regularly maintained trees will. This is because they are forced to direct some of their energy to damaged and diseased branches instead of fruit or flowers.

For more information, contact tree trimming services near you.


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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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