Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Keeping Tree Removal As Safe As Possible

by Chiara Brun

Often, when a tree dies or is clearly going to die soon, the best approach is to have the tree removed. This will help ensure the tree does not fall on anyone or anything. And if the tree has a disease, then removing it will help protect neighboring trees from that disease. The safest way to go about tree removal is usually to have a tree care company do the work. They have the skills and equipment necessary to prevent injuries. However, there are still a few safety tips you, as a homeowner, should apply throughout the process.

Move as many things out of the way as possible.

Look around your yard, focusing on the area around the tree and on the path the workers will have to travel to reach the tree. Move as many things away from this area as possible. In doing so, you will help prevent the workers from accidentally hitting anything with their equipment, which could cause injuries. It's also simply easier for them to work carefully and safely when they are not maneuvering around so many things.

Keep your kids inside.

If you have children, make sure they stay inside during the tree removal process. You may even want to have a friend or family member watch them outside of your own home for the day. You would not want your child to accidentally walk in an area where branches are falling, and you don't want the workers to sustain any injuries because they were startled by your child, either.

Have the stump removed.

When you call the tree care company, ask them if they can remove the stump along with the tree. This is not always standard practice, and there might be an extra fee to remove the stump since it requires more time and different equipment. Removing the stump is important for everyone's safety after the tree removal process is over. A stump left in a yard can be a tripping hazard. Even if you know it is there, visitors may not, and you don't want anyone to bump into it or twist their ankle because of it.

Having a tree removed is often the safest option long term. However, you do want to be sure to take the steps above for an even safer experience. 

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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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