Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

  • A Guide to Proper Tree Care

    Trees play an integral role in the environment, from providing shade and improving air quality to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our surroundings. However, they require consistent care and attention to thrive. Here's a comprehensive guide on proper tree care, ensuring your trees remain healthy and robust. Choosing the Right Tree The first step in tree care begins long before you plant the tree. It starts with choosing the right species for your location and soil type.

  • Signs You Need Tree Services At Your Home

    Tree services are great to consider if you want to get the most out of your home's property. You can get tree trimming done or even have an entire large tree taken out. While you get the final say (it's your yard, after all) when it comes to your tree removal services and what they do, you can pay attention to the suggestions your tree service company has for you.

  • Tree Removal Vs. Tree Preservation: Making The Right Decision

    If you're like most homeowners who are lucky enough to have a towering tree in your backyard, you probably appreciate the shade and natural beauty it provides. However, if it has become painfully obvious that your tree has seen better days and you’re struggling with the decision of whether to remove it or attempt preservation, it's important to consider all factors. Both paths have their merits and potential downsides, and the right choice can depend on a variety of circumstances.

  • 5 Factors To Consider When Mulching Around Trees

    Choosing the right mulch for your landscape trees will help keep down weeds and prevent soil moisture from evaporating away. You have several options when it comes to choosing and applying the mulch. 1. Organic vs. Inorganic The two main choices with mulch are between organic choices, like wood chips and pine straw, or inorganic options, like stone and rock mulches. For most landscape trees, organic mulch is the better option.

  • 2 Reasons You Should Have The Stump Removed After Cutting Down A Tree On Your Property

    If you have recently had a tree cut down in your yard, the stump may have been left after the work was finished. Since the stump was ground down or is only a few inches above the ground, you may believe that there is no harm in having it remain in your yard.  However, leftover tree stumps can cause issues on your property if you do not have them removed. Besides being an eyesore and posing a trip hazard, there are a couple of reasons why you should hire a professional service to remove the tree stump left after cutting down a tree on your property.

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Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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