Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

  • Two Simple Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

    Tree removal companies often charge an additional fee to remove the stump of the tree. If you don't want to pay an additional fee to have the stump removed, it's left in your yard for you to remove. Fortunately, removing the tree stump doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, there are a couple of ways that you can remove the stump on your own. Dig the Stump Out If you had a large tree removed, it may not be possible for you to dig the stump out.

  • Trying To Create An Attractive And Long-Lasting Garden? Remove The Invasive Trees

    Owning a home gives you an entire landscape to work with for creating an attractive space. However, when you move into a home, you have to deal with the trees, shrubs, and other features that are already there. It is possible to move into a place with plenty of potential, but it could have problems such as invasive trees. Before creating plans to improve the landscape, you should remove these trees.

  • Tree Trimming - Four Instances You Should Avoid DIY Trimming

    If you like to take care of your own yard work, there might be an errant tree limb here and there that you can manage trimming on your own. It is important to know that there might be tree trimming needs that are outside of your scope. Here are four instances where you should probably put down the trimmers and call in a professional. 1. Trimming that will Involve Climbing or Ladders

  • 3 Tree Diseases That Can Infect A Chanticleer Pear Tree

    The chanticleer pear is a tall, narrow ornamental tree that flourishes with white flowers in the summer. The tree has a lot of visual interest since it never goes completely bare. The white flowers lead to red, purple, or orange leaves in the fall, which give way to naked branches that showcase the remaining hard, round, reddish fruits. Chanticleer trees are great for yards with little space or that need edging trees along a road or median.

  • 3 Fun DIY Projects To Make Use Of Tree And Garden Waste

    If you have waste from yard clippings, trimming trees or other garden chores, it can be difficult to decide what to do with the materials. If you put them on the street, they go directly to the landfill where they consume space and contribute to pollution. To deal with your tree and garden waste in a green way, you may want to consider some DIY projects to reuse the material, such as using a wood chipper to make mulch, ground cover and compost.

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    Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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