Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

  • 3 Reasons Why Tree Trimming Is a Vital Part of Property Management

    Investing in real estate can be lucrative, but managing residential properties takes time that investors often don't have. If you work for a company that specializes in property management, caring for properties owned by an investor is your top priority. To keep the properties in your care as functional as possible, you need to make tree trimming part of your regular maintenance routine. Here are three reasons why tree trimming plays a critical role in property management.

  • Three Jobs That Should Be Handled By a Tree Service

    When you have trees growing in your yard, it's important to give careful consideration to how you should approach each maintenance task. Simple jobs such as raking the leaves and pruning low-hanging branches are suitable for many homeowners, but the larger jobs that can arise are often best suited to a professional tree service. Working on a tree can be risky in several ways – there's a chance that your actions will cause damage to your home or vehicle or even those of a neighbor, as well as severely injuring yourself or a family member.

  • 4 Ways To Get Rid Of A Tree Stump In Your Yard

    If you recently had a tree removed and still have a stump hanging around, or if you had a tree fall down and still have a stump hanging around, here are three ways that you can remove that stump on your on. #1 Remove It The Old Fashion Way You can always remove a stump the old fashion way -- by hand. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time if you choose this method.

  • Aristocrat Pear Tree: Preventing And Treating Common Diseases

    The aristocrat pear tree is a moderate-sized ornamental tree that offers attractive foliage throughout most of the year and fruit that attracts a variety of birds. Pear trees start the spring with white flowers, which drop away to reveal purple-colored leaves that turn green into the summer before turning red in the fall before falling off. An aristocrat pear tree is an interesting addition to a larger yard in need of a distinctive touch.

  • Aristocrat Pear Tree: 2 Pests To Watch And Combat

    An aristocrat pear tree is a tall, wide ornamental tree with widely spaced branches that allow the tree to show off its seasonal colors. From white spring flowers to green summer leaves that redden in the fall, the aristocrat pear tree provides great visual interest to a yard. But the ornamental pear tree can also provide a great feeding ground for some pesky pests. Here are a few of the common insects to watch for, how to prevent an infestation, and how to treat an infestation that already happened.

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    Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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