Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

  • Tree Stump Removal Options For A Tight Budget

    After a tree is cut down, it can be tempting to just leave the old stump in the yard so you can save money on the removal. You might even be able to fill it with flowers or set a lawn ornament on top to create a decorative piece. Yet old stumps can cause many problems, from the harboring of diseases that may affect other landscape plants, to sending up sucker shoots from the roots if the stump isn't completely dead.

  • Design Ideas For Uneven Terrain

    If you own land with areas of uneven terrain, landscaping can be somewhat challenging. With some creative design ideas, you can design a beautiful landscape in your backyard. From pathways and steps, to retaining walls, designing a backyard that is uneven is possible. You can improve accessibility to areas in your yard you were not able to get to easily, providing you and your family with more ways to enjoy your outdoor space.

  • Before You Remove A Stump – Could You Repurpose It?

    When you have a large tree stump left in your yard, you have two options – figure out a way to make it work with the rest of your landscape design or have it removed. Before you go and have that stump removed, consider a few things that you could do with it. Bird Bath Giving the birds that used to live in the tree somewhere to splash around and cool off is one idea.

  • Why Must You Prune And Trim Your Trees?

    When you have trees growing in your yard, you might want to allow them to grow naturally. However, it can be necessary to trim or prune your trees for a number of reasons; here are some of them. Avoid Problems with Electrical Lines Not only do you have to worry about your own home and property being damaged by overgrown trees, but you need to also stay aware of the danger untrimmed trees pose to electrical lines near your home.

  • 3 Reasons Why Tree Trimming Is a Vital Part of Property Management

    Investing in real estate can be lucrative, but managing residential properties takes time that investors often don't have. If you work for a company that specializes in property management, caring for properties owned by an investor is your top priority. To keep the properties in your care as functional as possible, you need to make tree trimming part of your regular maintenance routine. Here are three reasons why tree trimming plays a critical role in property management.

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    Avoiding Common Tree Mistakes

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